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  There are many ways for everyone in a school to help conserve energy and water and reduce waste. Below are some resources for conserving energy, water, and materials.    


  1. The district offers many resources to be involved in the Green Schools Initiative. The best way to be involved is to participate in the Green Schools Challenge.
  2. KPS Green Schools Challenge & Related Resources: This webpage explains the details, awards, and resources connected to the 2019-2020 KPS Green Schools Challenge.
  3. KPS Green Schools Initiative 101: The Green Schools Challenge may not work for your school. See this document for simple ways your school can still be involved in the Green Schools Initiative and reduce resource use.
  4. KPS Energy and Resource Management Policy: This comprehensive document outlines the district’s expectations for operating a resource-efficient building. Updated in August 2018
  5. KPS Sustainability Master Plan: This plan explains the district’s sustainability goals and strategies covering 2013-2018. The District is currently working on updating the sustainability goals.


  1. Energy Star ratings are a direct reflection of a building’s energy efficiency. Below are resources to help reduce energy use in your building and get involved in the Green Schools Initiative.
  2. Pesky Plug Load:A Guide for Turning Off & Unplugging Devices: This resource explains which devices should be turned off or unplugged when not in use. If printing, please note that this poster is 11″x17″.
  3. Energy Smart Classroom Checklist: A quick checklist for classroom occupants to reference when leaving at the end of the day.
  4. Energy Smart Squad: An Energy Smart Squad is a group of supervised students who tour unoccupied classrooms and/or offices after the school day ends to see if key pieces of equipment are shut down or unplugged. See here for more resources.


  1. Promptly report and fix leaking faucets, toilets, and showers (submit a work order).
  2. Run dishwashers only when full.
  3. When washing your hands, lather with soap before you turn the water on.
  4. Water primarily in the morning (2am-7am) in the summer to avoid evaporation.
  5. Check the weather; beware of overwatering when there is rain in the forecast.


Below are resources and actions to help your building reduce waste and increase recycling.  

  1. KPS What’s Recyclable List: This document identifies all of the items that can and cannot be recycled via KPS’ recycling program.
  2. KPS Office/Classroom Recycling Sign: This sign can be attached to any container used to collect recyclables (or posted near/above the container). It communicates to individuals that the container is for recyclables and reminds them of the main items that should be recycled.
  3. KPS Recycling Bin Assessment: Use this form to identify if your school has adequate office and classroom signage. Send the completed form to to request additional recycling bins.
  4. KPS Kitchen Mixed Recycling SignKPS
  5. This Kitchen Recycles SignKPS
  6. Kitchen Cardboard Recycling Sign
  7. KPS Unopened Milk/Juice Carton Collection Sign
  8. Set up a Terracycle bin to recycle office supplies.
  9. 2017–2018 Waste Reduction Pledge
  10. 2017–2018 Recycling Pledge

  Questions? Contact Kate Hamel at Verdis Group:

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